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  Seamless Precision Tubes in Aluminium & Copper.

Hot Rolled Heavy Plates, from stock and/or from fresh production

Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

Harvester Knife Sections

Precision Casting Waxes

Forged Steel Parts. Finished forged parts up to 100 tons.

Busatis GmbH Busatis GmbH
BUSATIS has been a competent partner of the agricultural sector in cutting and mowing techniques for over 125 years. Vital to progress is a continuous investment in the most up-to-date technical facilities to ultimately guaranty ...
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Franchini Acciai S.p.A. Franchini Acciai S.p.A.
Ever since its foundation in 1968 Franchini Acciai S.p.A. is well known for high quality forgings and excellent customer service. Over the last decades the Company has continuously improved its manufacturing processes and constantly develop...
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REMET Corporation REMET Corporation
REMET is a manufacturer, a distributor, a consultant, a teacher, a leader, an innovator and a listener. REMET is much more than just a name. The core of REMET started with waxes, binders and refractory grains and flours to serve the needs of investm...
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Standard-Metallwerke GmbH Standard-Metallwerke GmbH
SWW Standard-Metallwerke GmbH over the last decades always managed to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the markets by offering the right products and solutions. In doing so, SWW apply their experience, know-how and innovative powe...
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ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel GmbH ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel GmbH
ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel is part of one of the world's biggest technology groups. More than 154,000 employees worldwide work in the ThyssenKrupp Group's main areas of steel, capital goods and services, realizing sales of more than ...
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UnionStahl GmbH UnionStahl GmbH
The UnionStahl Heavy Plate Service Center became operative during March 2002. The company is specialized on stocking and machining heavy plate material. To master this challenge, right from the beginning a team of experienced and customer-mi...
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